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The Wright County Area United Way (WCAUW) is now accepting online grant requests to support the program focus areas of Food, Shelter, Health, and Education. Grants must be submitted no later than March 31, 2020.  All grant requests must be submitted online, paper copies will not be accepted. In addition, the grant cannot be submitted until all required fields have been completed.  If you are an agency that received 2019 funding, please complete the evaluation and application down below by clicking the button on the bottom left. If you did NOT receive funding in 2019, and are a new 2020 applicant, please proceed by clicking the button down below on the right.

Please note the following details:

If you are applying as a new program applicant (new program, not new agency), we would like to get to know you more!  We will be interviewing NEW program applicants only this year on April 22, 2020 from 3:00 pm – 7:00 pm, location TBD.  Your listed contact person will receive an email  with further information.


Grant Request High Level Criteria:

Here is a list of criteria for organizations that are seeking funding.

Grants are funded according to available dollars and at the discretion of the Wright County Area United Way Board.

  • Organization must be a 501C3, Public Education, or a Government Agency.
  • Requests must serve recipients in at least one of the following: Buffalo, Monticello, St. Michael,
  • Program must provide impact in one of the following areas: Health, Education, Food, Shelter.
  • Requests need to provide a sustainability plan.
  • Program requests must be accompanied by an organizational or program photos, available via upload.
  • A program budget is required via an excel spreadsheet upload.
  • Requests must benefit a group rather than an individual.
  • The Wright County Area United Way must be branded and identified whenever your program is mentioned in any type of media or publications.
  • Compliance with the United Way Worldwide brand standards.
  • You will be expected to provide receipts of purchase for any purchases pertaining to this grant in the 2019 evaluation process.
  • If you did not comply with any past funding conditions, future requests may be affected.
  • If you received funding in the 2019 cycle, and did not spend the allocation as requested, you will be asked to return any unused dollars.
  • If you are a program that was funded in 2019, and made purchases that have receipts, please email or mail a copy to Melissa Mulder at melissamulderwcauw@gmail.com or Melissa Mulder P.O. Box 243 Monticello, MN 55362.

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